DISTURBING Photo Emerges, Exposes the Obama Administration’

by Micha Gefen

One of the leaders of the violent protests against the US embassy in Baghdad was a visitor in the Obama White House. Hadi Al-Amiri was seen leading the terrorist onslaught against the US embassy.

While this may be surprising to many, it makes sense as the Obama administration worked hard to “normalize” Iranian expansion throughout the Middle East as a sort of “stabilizing” strategy in order to balance the growing Sunni radical caliphate that became ISIS.

Of course, most people now understand that the Obama administration created ISIS as an attempt to both clock Iranian expansion and when that failed invited Iran in to mop it up and in turn hoped to use that to invite Iran as a potential future partner.

Al-Amiri would have been a fan of the pro-Iranian element within the Obama administration. Once President Trump took office, this element was forced out and guys like Al-Amiri went back to their former jobs as terrorists or coordinators for terrorism on behalf of the Mullah’s in Iran.

Then again it was Obama and Kerry who funded the Mullah’s with $1.5 billion of bills and another $150 billion cash infusion. Perhaps they were just paying back Al-Amiri and his friends.

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