How White Leftists are Fueling the Racism Machine

by Phil Schneider

To be called a racist is one of the lowest forms of denunciation today, creating divide and shutting down people’s voices. Nobody wants to be called a racist.

This short clip denounces white liberals as part of the problem of what is fueling racism today. Perhaps what is needed is less name-calling, from both sides, less polarization, and more discussion of what we have in common. Perhaps there needs to be more discussion about sidelining the radicals and focusing more on the things that 70-80% of the people agree on. Instead, right-wingers and left-wingers are busy pulling each side more to the right and more to the left. This is a troubling phenomenon.

Is Donald Trump the cause of polarization?

Well, certainly, the last 2 Presidents of the United States have been polarizing figures. They each – in their own unique way – have not tried to just warm the seat in the Oval office. Former President Barack Obama stated clearly that he wanted to be a transformational President. And President Trump is very loose with his speech that is interpreted as polarizing.

The price of the one-two Obama and Trump presidencies has been a rather deep polarization within American society. It seems that America needs the next President – in 2020 or 2024, no matter what party, to be a more unifying President. The American people need a break from the right-wing bashing and progressive-bashing. They need leaders who will speak in terms of uplifting the silent majority that is not interested in bashing anybody and not interested in clearly taking any side on any issues.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama, and many other politicians dominate the airwaves too much. What is needed is an entertaining, non-controversial spokesman who will transcend much of the conversations that we are used to. This can be transcending on a religious level or transcending in other ways. The original founding fathers were interested in a United States that was focused on financial opportunities and freedom and not on hot button issues like racism and illegal immigration. Of course, racism and illegal immigration are controversial issues that must be dealt with, but they should not dominate. We need to get back to the basics and build up the level of respect between one for the benefit of the USA and the whole freedom-loving world.

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