Popular Jewish boys band just came back with a hit new song

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish band, Miami Boys Choir, just made a new song. The words from their song “Esmach” are from Psalms, and it is about rejoicing with God.

Miami Boys Choir

The popular Jewish band, Miami Boys Choir, has been around for decades. Jewish kids with outstanding voices have the opportunity to be part of something special. Their songs are enjoyable to listen to.

It is amazing to hear so much talent at such young ages.

Psalms in Judaism

Psalms play an important role in Judaism. King David wrote many of them along with elders that came before him. The Jewish people recite Psalms in times of despair as well as times of happiness. It is part of tradition to turn to Psalms and call out to God.

And many Jewish singers use the Book of Psalms to get inspiration and words for songs. Jewish music is filled with these ancient words!

The words from the Miami Boys Choir’s new song “Esmach” or “Rejoice” are from Pslam 104.

From a young age, Jewish children learn to praise God. And it is beautiful to hear young voices proudly singing out to God. We should all feel this much excitement when we call to God!

Lyrics and Translation

(Courtesy of Chabad.Org)

From Psalm 104, 33-34.

אָשִׁ֣ירָה לה’ בְּחַיָּ֑י אֲזַמְּרָ֖ה לֵֽאלֹקי בְּעוֹדִֽי
‘יֶֽעֱרַ֣ב עָלָ֣יו שִׂיחִ֑י אָֽ֜נֹכִ֗י אֶשְׂמַ֥ח בַּֽהֹ

I shall sing to the Lord while I am alive; I shall sing praises to my God as long as I exist.

May my speech be pleasing to Him; I shall rejoice with the Lord.



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