Brigitte Gabriel Reveals What She Thinks About The Coronavirus

by Gavriel Dan

With all the panic surrounding coronavirus aka Covid-19, Brigitte Gabriel sounds off with her thoughts.

She points out that the Left is freaking out about the coronavirus where more people die of other things each year. The question really is why is the Left making such a big deal about this virus? “The panic must stop.”

“This President deserves our support.” She makes it clear that the administration is handling this well. That is despite the Left’s focus on spreading disinformation in order to take down Trump. He is now being blamed for the spread of the virus.

“The Left doesn’t care how many people lose their jobs.” Ultimately, the Left wants this virus to spread in order to take down the President and his policies, despite the fact that he is doing an excellent job of directing the emergency services. “When the going gets tough in America we do not divide and conquer, we unite.”

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