Netanyahu Announces New Regulations to Fight the CoronaVirus

by Avi Abelow

Israel Leads the World Again on Fighting Corona with New Regulations announced by the Prime Minister tonight.

Netanyahu tonight held a special press conference. While he did not declare a state of emergency, he did announce new decrees that “places of leisure” will close. Kindergartens, nursery schools are shuttered.

Highlights from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech this evening

PM Netanyahu:

We will be changing our policies every few days to stay up with the changes, keeping ahead.

We all need to adopt a new daily routine

Our policy is dynamic, which is why our situation is one of the best worldwide.

In order to combat this virus it will be up to the citizens to follow the guidelines to reduce the number of infections

We will use digital means to track coronavirus patients, this was approved by the court

It is very important for those who are quarantined, to remain in quarantine.

Avoid contact and wash your hands regularly. Stay at least 2m from others.

Food is and will be available, no need to storm the stores

Banks and ATMS will remain operating, same with gas stations.

Critical workplaces will continue, with 2m distancing. Those who can work from home should.

All bars, clubs, malls, theaters etc were ordered closed

Ministry of Health official:

Anyone with a temperature or coughing must remain in quarantine.

No gatherings over 10 people, must also remain 2m apart

No restrictions on public transport as of now

All school programs for all ages are suspended

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