This New Law Takes Parents’ Rights Away Over Transgenderism

by Phil Schneider

Transgenderism is a new trend that has become a calling cry of the progressive community. It is based on the concept that a person should be able to decide for themselves what gender they want to be. But, there is one basic issue with this idea. God didn’t create the world in such a way. We can’t control our gender. We are born in a certain way and that is the way we will be for the rest of our lives. But progressives will argue against this. Meaning, they will put their feelings before reality.

Ben Shapiro was an up and coming radio show host when he had his famous interview with “Kris” Jenner. In that interview, he boldly called Kris, “Sir,” and that set off Jenner into a very ugly frenzy about how Ben Shapiro had hurt his feelings. Shapiro countered that the facts don’t care about his feelings. This turned into the main phrase that defined Shapiro’s entire attitude. He became a celebrity – and for good reason.

It has become very politically incorrect to say anything against anybody’s feelings in today’s culture. This is a very dangerous precedent. It must be fought via science and facts – not via one’s feelings. The world needs to return to a state where basic things that have always been assumed to be true will be true, and things that contradict science will be rejected as nonsense.

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