Arab’s Hebrew message for Israel shows how fast the Middle East is changing

by Leah Rosenberg

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the Middle East is going through a makeover. Long-lasting peace actually seems attainable!

Peace in the Middle East?

Not only is this a positive message for Israel, but it is a positive message that was said in HEBREW! This Arab wished Israel a happy Independence Day with love and peace. And in the background you could hear Hatikva, Israel’s national anthem, being played. The Middle East is changing fast. Yes, there are some not-so-positive things happening, like Iran creating terrorism throughout the region. But we can’t ignore the good as well. We can’t ignore the peace agreements that no one ever thought would be possible. We can’t ignore that Arabs have been leaving Israelis messages of love and peace recently.

When Arabs Love Israel More Than Leftist Jews do

It is so tragic that there are Jews in the world who try to bring Israel down; that there are Jews who do not support the Jewish state. They have misplaced compassion and care for terrorists instead of the innocent of their own nation. And that is really not compassion at all – it is a perverted excuse to support hate and violence. Organizations like IfNotNow will hold memorials for Hamas members but ignore when Jews are attacked or killed. They won’t celebrate the Jewish state. They won’t celebrate the accomplishments of the Jewish people.

And then there are Arabs who prove them wrong. There are Arabs who love the Jewish state more than some Jews themselves do. Maybe these messages of peace will eventually wake up Leftist Jews to the truth about Israel. Maybe it will grab their attention leaving them curious about why Arabs throughout the Middle East have been reaching their hands out to Israel.

Col. Kemp

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