CNN tech director admits using propaganda to oust Trump

by Phil Schneider

Does CNN have an ax to grind with Donald Trump? Of course they do. President Trump spent nearly the entire four years of his Presidency vilifying CNN as a fake news outlet. Was that fair for President Trump to characterize CNN as such? Well, it’s obviously a gross exaggeration to completely discredit a news network if you don’t like the way they characterize you. But actually, Donald Trump had a very strong argument when he went after CNN.

In many ways, CNN has taken the lead in spinning narratives that are hard-left on most of the controversial political issues of the day. They barely hide it. Donald Trump was just one of many “issues” that CNN decided was an unacceptable aspect of the political discourse, and they therefore decided to do everything they could to discredit him.

The battle between politically correct culture and it’s opposition can best be seen during the Trump presidency in the Trump vs. Jim Acosta exchanges. Generally speaking, they each got in a few good punches, but Donald Trump would generally come off on the upper hand. But that was only on the tactical and short-term level. Over time, the constant attacks by CNN and so many other news outlets took their toll on the brand of Donald Trump. Trump was indeed hated by many in Middle America for being out of touch and ineffective during the Coronavirus pandemic. There is some truth to the accusations, but Trump must be lauded for some of this moves in relation to fighting the pandemic.

Truthfully, CNN and other mass media outlets and Donald Trump together have brought the level of discourse down to lower levels than we have ever seen in the US. What is needed is a return to serious and mature discourse to argue out the issues. Serious news outlets should report the news and provide opinion content separately. This will increase the trust the masses have in network news channels. With Donald Trump out of the oval office, everyone needs to tone it down a bit, and go back to civil arguments – not just political hack jobs.


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