Arabs stone and smash windows on bus going to Western Wall

by Leah Rosenberg

How is Israel supposed to make peace with a people like this? Violence seems to be the nature of many Arabs…

Arabs Stone Bus to Western Wall

If this happened anywhere else in the world, the authorities wouldn’t stand for it. Everyone would condemn it. But when it happens in Israel, which it does all too often, the world says nothing. The fact that Arabs happily throw stones at a bus going to the Western Wall where people pray and connect to G-d is punishable. Their violence seems never-ending. It would be one thing if this was an isolated attack and if the Palestinian Authority condemned it. But sadly, the opposite is true. They encourage it.

And we are not talking about little pebbles here that don’t do damage (which even that would be unacceptable). We are talking about stones that can break through the windows on a bus and harm someone.

These stones and rocks kill. Last year, an IDF soldier named Amit Ben-Yigal was murdered by a boulder thrown at his head in an overnight raid. He was just 21 years old.

Over the years, cars driving though Judea and Samaria have been regularly stoned, causing some cars to crash and lose control. Little kids and adults alike have been killed and injured. It is a harmful tactic that the “Palestinians” use, and it gets no international media attention despite the fact that rock-throwing is terrorism.

People need to know the truth. People need to know how often Jews are attacked in Israel.

Arab Incitement
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