A message about Israel from a Six Day War hero

by Leah Rosenberg

In the Six Day War, Israel won almost every battle and won on all fronts. But as in every war, Israel paid with many lives and even more wounded. This is the story of the most severely wounded Israeli soldier.

A fortunate person

Israel Cohen lost both hands and most of his vision in the Six Day War. He is a genuinely content person and doesn’t look at himself as a person who is unfortunate. He looks at himself as a lucky person because he has lived a long life – more than 50 years since he was wounded.  The amazing thing about his attitude is how many times he says the word “thanks.”  It is clear that this hero understands the idea of gratitude better than anyone else.

The Battle for Jerusalem

The most famous part of the Six Day War is the story of the paratroopers who liberated the Old City of Jerusalem.  This came following the 19 year Jordanian occupation of the holiest sites to the Jewish people.

However, the stories of bravery from the first battles in the Holy City are not as famous.  Israeli soldiers approached the eastern side of the city with bangalores – basic explosives – in order to find a location to attack the Jordanian Army.  Meanwhile, Jordanian snipers stood above the walls of the Old City and sniped downward on the Israeli forces.  Israel Cohen was one of the brave soldiers.  Despite heavy casualties, the Israeli soldiers persevered and took apart the Jordanian positions one after another.

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