Thousands Riot in Chemnitz, Germany After Another Murder by Migrants

by Avi Abelow

Several people were injured as thousands of Chemnitz locals protested for the second night of anti-migrant protests, after the fatal stabbing of a 35-year-old man by migrants from Iraq and Syria on Sunday.


Germans are sick and tired of the government ignoring all the violence of the Muslim migrants that have been welcomed into Germany the past few years.

The stabbing of the 35 year old man on Sunday, by a migrant from Syria and one from Iraq has sparked the massive protest going on the past few days.

An estimated 5,000 protesters took to the streets to protest. Another 1,000 came out as a counter protest in defense of the migrants. The police had to enter the fray and bring order to the streets.


As if to prove the point of the protestors, instead of the government taking a strong stand against the violence and the murder, by the migrants, the authoritites placed the focus on the “right-wing” protestors.

One government minister warned that the “right-wing anti-immigration” vigilante groups are creating “civil war like conditions” in Germany.

Burkhard Lischka, an opposition SPD politician in the interior ministry, told one German paper that “there is a small right-wing mob in our country that will take every opportunity to enact its violent fantasies of civil war-like conditions on our streets.”

Even the retoric of German Prime Minister Angela Merkel follows this same direction, warning against what she called “vigilante justice”.

However, most of the people protesting are not doing so because they are “right-wing vigilantes” but, as Markus Frohnmaier, from the anti-immigration AfD party, tweeted because “if the state is no longer able to protect citizens then people take to the streets and protect themselves. It’s as simple as that!”.

The Media

While it is very probable that some of the protestors were right-wing, neo-nazi supporters, the mainstream media, in Germany and abroad, adds to the distrust of the citizens by labeling every single protestor “right-wing”, totally discrediting all the regular citizens who are disgusted by being abandoned by the government and police.

The Solution

The solution is simple. Government and media should start actively protecting their citizens, and stop being politically correct in protecting the Muslim migrants. The day government and media act that way, people will feel more safe and secure, and the “vigilante” protests will stop. This will allow for a safer reality for all, natives and the migrants.

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