How the New Israel Fund is brainwashing the religious communities

by Avi Abelow

The New Israel Fund is a huge organization with a secretive, stealth goal to weaken the Jewish identity of the State of Israel.

They Expose their Strategy Themselves

The Goal of the NIF

As its name states, it is a fund to create a “New Israel”, hence the “NEW Israel” Fund. They do not fund organizations that help Israeli soldiers or legal funds that see to it that terrorists are punished properly. Instead, they fund organizations that criminalize Israeli soldiers.  They provide legal funds that take Israeli soldiers to court and defend terrorists in court.

They do not fund organizations that defend Israel in international courts. Rather they fund organizations that bring legal cases against Israel in international courts.

What’s in a Name?

Their name says it all, the “New Israel” fund. They exist to weaken the Jewish State as we know it, and destroy Israel, as exists today, to replace with a progressive country shed of its strong Jewish identity.

Yet most people are totally oblivious to the real meaning of their name! Some people just naively believe that it is a new fund for Israel.  But then grammatically it should have been called the New Fund for Israel. But it’s not, it is called the “New Israel” Fund, for a reason.

One of their strategies, exposed in the videos above, is how they changed from trying to fight the religious society that they want to change, to funding organizations in the religious society in order to change it from the inside.

Israeli Democracy

The New Israel Fund presents itself as the “only” group working to restore Israeli democracy to its founders’ vision so they fund organizations “to strengthen and expand the pro-democracy, progressive forces in Israel.

But, Israeli democracy is not in danger!!!

Israel has one of the most vibrant democracies in the world, where Arabs who hate the country, can support the destruction and boycott of Israel.  They can be Parliamentarians in Israel’s Parliament and have all the freedoms like all other citizens.

All Muslims, Sunnis, Shiites, and even athiests, have full freedom, equality and security in the Jewish State of Israel.  They don’t have this in any other country in the Middle East!

Freedom of Speech

Israeli mainstream media is left-wing and constantly bashes the right-wing Netanyahu government. This only happens because Israel is a thriving democracy that values freedom of speech.  It is much better than it used to be.

Early Years

Furthermore, the founders of Israel’s founding Labor leaders were not as democratic as Israel is today. The founding fathers of the Labor movement instituted a system that discriminated against all those who were different!

If people did not have the socialist party card, they could not get jobs or health insurance. Non-Labor party members and especially religious parties were 2nd class citizens.  Even the Arabs were discriminated against by the socialist “founding fathers” of Israel.  But things are much better now.

Under the founding Labor government, the Arabs in Israel lived under military rule. Whether right or wrong, that was the democracy of the founding fathers of Israel.  This was necessary due to the reality of the early dangerous years of the State of Israel.  They had to maintain the struggle to survive for the new state of the Jews.

To Restore Democracy Like it Was?

The New Israel Fund claims that their purpose is to restore Israeli democracy to its founder’s vision.  This defames Israel today for the vibrant democracy that it is.  It also shows how ignorant the NIF is about the history of Israel.

They play a double game of using polished “progressive” terminology to show how enlightened they are.  But they are really all about destroying the strong patriotic, religious backbone of Israeli society.  They want to transform Israel into a progressive, yet very non-Jewish country.

Some Very Important Information about the NIF anti-Israel agenda

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The NIF claims that it “will not fund global BDS activities against Israel nor support organizations that have global BDS programs.” It will not, however, “exclude support for organizations that lawfully discourage the purchase of goods or use of services from settlements.”

Lawfare: The NIF claims that it “firmly oppose[s] attempts to prosecute Israeli officials in foreign courts.”

The Reality

The NIF continues to fund organizations such as Adalah, Breaking the Silence, +972 Magazine, and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel.  These groups that are all active in campaigns that contribute to BDS and delegitimize Israel.

In press releases, conferences, UN sessions, and submissions to the International Criminal Court, NIF-funded NGOs emphasize unsupported allegations of “deliberate, systematic, and widespread targeting of Palestinian civilians.” “War crimes and crimes against humanity;” and “grave violations of international humanitarian law.”

NIF funded NGOs were the primary sources in the discredited Goldstone report.  The report focused on alleged Israeli “war crimes” in the 2009 Gaza war. It referenced B’Tselem more than 56 times; Adalah, 38; and Breaking the Silence, 27.

The Radical Left-Wing Agenda of NIF Exposed in Israel

Arab Incitement
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