The untold side of the Palestinian Arab story

by Leah Rosenberg

Will you listen to their side of the Palestinian Arab story? Do you want to know what these Arabs think? Everyone should hear this.

The Silenced Palestinian Arab story

These Arab voices are not spoken about in the media. They are not discussed amongst members of movements like the BDS Movement. Those movements try to tear apart Israel in the name of “justice” for the “Palestinian” Arabs. But “Palestinian” Arabs WANT Israeli sovereignty!

And why?

Well, in Israel, Arabs have rights. Under the “Palestinian” leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, they don’t. In Israel, they have better job opportunities and freedom of speech.

Mahmoud Abbas is a corrupt man. He has created an environment of violence and murder, and some Arabs want a better life. But how often do you hear about this side of the “Palestinian” Arab story?

Teaching Children to Hate

The official PA TV station has children’s shows that teach children to hate Jews. It teaches them that it is heroic to grow up and become a murderer. Growing up with such an intense hatred is not healthy.

Israeli children’s shows do not teach to hate. They teach the proper values that the Western world promotes as well.

Quality of Life and Life Itself

Not only is the quality of life different in Israel, but Arabs can actually also live life. Under the “Palestinian” leadership, the culture is to embrace death. The culture does not encourage living. Their leadership paints murder as a positive thing. Being killed as a result of murdering a Jew is considered the highest level of success.

Israel has a culture of life and living; of positivity and love. And as a result, they have created, invented, and innovated. They have brought more good to the world. Some Arabs know that life in Israel and under Israeli rule is a better life by far. Some want to be part of that.

Wouldn’t you want to be part of that as well? Of the good? The innovation? The technological advances?

The question is loaded, but the answer is simple.

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