First Israeli woman to go undercover shares incredible information

by Phil Schneider

Israel is able to accomplish what it does in the complex reality of the Middle East via all kinds of ingenuity. There are hundreds of soldiers who have served in the elite unit that disguises itself as Arabs. The only way that Israel is able to do what it does is via a clear understanding that Israel has enemies that want to destroy it and it must do everything to make sure that. And that includes having female soldiers dress up as fake Arabs in order to arrest and stop terror in it’s tracks.

The Israeli Army is perhaps the greatest miracle of the 20th century. A bit more than 75 years ago, there was no major organized Jewish armed unit. There were the fledgling Haganah, Irgun, and Lechi groups in the British-run Land of Israel. The Haganah largely focused on defending a few hundred thousand Jews in the State of Israel, while the Irgun and Lechi cared more about getting the British out of the Land and establishing a State of Israel. But they were never more than a few thousand people until right before the formation of the State of Israel.

There were also Jewish partisans who fought bravely against the Nazis in Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, and other areas occupied by the Nazis. But they were all small groups – usually less than 20 or 30 people. In 1947, when the War of Independence began – before the State of Israel was formed, every single Jew in the Land of Israel was on the front-line. Everybody in some way, shape, or form, was on the front-lines and needed to fight. Perhaps that is why it is so deeply felt among the Israeli population that the Israel Defense Forces is the only solution to the worldwide threat of anti-semitism.

The Israeli Defense Forces is the melting pot of the State of Israel. That is due to both it’s absolute necessity and the fact that it is the one thing wherein millions of people are all unified in their willingness to sacrifice for the greater good of the State of Israel. This one example of a brave woman is indicative of what millions of Israelis do 24/7 to insure the safety of the State of Israel.

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