The unbelievable reason this soldier chose to serve in the Israeli Air Force

by Leah Rosenberg

Serving in the Israeli army can definitely be a challenge. But for many, it is an honor. Especially for this soldier serving in the Israeli Air Force.

Ethiopia to the Israeli Air Force

What an amazing story. Ortal Ayaso gives a perspective that many others cannot. Her family was rescued from Ethiopia. Israel saved them. The Israeli army, the Israeli Air Force.

Although some in Israel and in the world might have a hard time with the mandatory draft in Israel, Ortal understands that it is a privilege. She wanted to give back and do so in a way that showed her appreciation for the very airplane that saved her family.

We have a Jewish state. We have a Jewish army. How beautiful it is to serve in it! What an honor to serve the Jewish people – the nation of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! G-d’s chosen people. If you view it that way, it makes all the difference.

Operation Solomon and Saving Jews

Operation Solomon was one of the many operations that Israel has carried out to save Jews from around the world and specifically from Ethiopia. It is truly miraculous. G-d allowed many operations to go smoothly and successfully.

A Jew is a Jew, no matter where they live. And Israel has made it its duty to help Jews and save Jews throughout the world.

There is finally a Jewish state. Jews can finally come home after thousands of years of exile.

Don’t wait for Israel to be forced to rescue you. Come home now.

Arab Incitement
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