The world wants to stop Israel from following the word of G-d

by Leah Rosenberg

The way the world treats Israel makes it clear that they don’t care about the word of G-d. This is not a matter of politics; it is about following G-d.

The Word of G-d, not Annexation

The point made in this video is important. Everyone talks about annexation. Everyone talks about Israel annexing parts of Judea and Samaria. But this is land that G-d gave to the Jewish people! Does Israel really need to officially annex land to follow the word of G-d?

We live in a world of politics when we should just be following the Bible and what G-d wants. Everything is about appeasement instead of governments just doing the right thing.

What if it was Your Home?

Maybe you would understand better if it was your home. Imagine your family had a house that was passed down to each generation. You were forced to leave by criminals, let’s say. After a certain amount of time, you finally came back. And then more criminals tried to take away the house from you again. And this time, the world sided with the criminals and tried to force you to give up some of your house. They wanted you to share a house with people who you knew would harm you. Why would you ever do what the world says? And you would wonder why the world would even suggest such a ludicrous idea.

That’s an analogy of a longer and more complex history made simple.

The takeaway message? Israel belongs to the Jewish people. It is their house, their home. So the world should stop trying to suggest such absurd “peace” plans with the criminals.

Motivation for Terror
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