Democrats are covering up the murders happening around America

by Phil Schneider

What is going on in the United States today? Plain and simple – there is havoc. There is organized crime going on by the Black Lives Matter movement across the country – especially in Chicago and New York. And all of the protests of the left are all done in the name of saving the country from the evils of racism. It is truly an Orwellian situation.

What is going on now is that America is in the throes of a racist movement that uses the accusations of racism in order to grab totalitarian power in the United States. Will these protests succeed? Will they actually grab power in small chunks of cities all across the United States? Perhaps. But the big question is whether or not they will attain their ultimate goal – to destabilize the United States and bring down President Trump in his reelection bid.

If the polls are any indicator, the protesters are actually succeeding. Donald Trump is definitely in hot water. The odds are very slim that the coronavirus will “fade away” – as President Trump has stated numerous times. Therefore, the odds are very high that many people will choose to mail in their votes in November. The odds are that as long as neither side wins by large margins, the election will be contested. That is when it may get very ugly. Protests and sit-ins will probably only be stopped by cold weather. But those who have worked so hard to wreak havoc will not let Donald Trump sit in the Oval Office peacefully if the election has no clear winner.

Meanwhile, crime and anti-semitism will be rampant. But just as now the crimes are being covered up, so too, the anti-Jewish activity and looting that will go on will be covered up. Dark days are not just ahead – they are here now. America needs a major shift. Joe Biden is not the answer. He may just deepen the problem. Will a 2nd term of President Trump provide the answer? Time will tell.

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