Is Israel Fumbling Sovereignty?

by David Mark

As July 1st approaches the schizophrenic nature of Israel’s march to applying sovereignty on some of the Jewish people’s historic and biblical heartland is hard to ignore.


Many of the challenges around the extension of Israeli law into Judea and Samaria are coming from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s own rightwing block. as well as the leadership in Judea and Samaria. Yet, this is not the whole story.

Some say it is the leadership of Blue and White. While it’s true Benny Gantz, Bibi’s unlikely coalition partner has tried to railroad sovereignty, his fellow party member and Culture Minister Hili Tropper admits there is little Gantz can do. “According to the coalition agreement, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu can advance the issue beginning this week,” Tropper said.

So what is the hold up?

Kushner vs. Friedman

The answer lies in President Trump’s own administration. Jared Kushner, the President’s son in law and the guy who who over saw the creation of the Peace to Prosperity Plan sees the plan as a complete entity. After all it was the only way who could get Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other Arab government’s on board. This means Israel can apply sovereignty but must agree to the rest of the land being transferred to a “Palestinian” terror state.

David Friedman, the US Ambassador to Israel, and long time confidant to President Trump, is a staunch believer in the one-state solution and has sought to decouple the sovereignty aspect from a “Palestinian” State.

The fact is, the Peace to Prosperity Plan is so problematic, it was either written by an ignoramus or created purposely by the Prime Minister to force a decoupling. Netanyahu never likes to be locked in. He learned his lesson when he agreed to hand most of Hebron over to the PA in 1998 with assurances by the Clinton Administration. These were never fulfilled and ultimately led to his downfall. This is why he has insisted on decoupling the two aspects of Kushner’s plan. However, this decoupling is the main stumbling block to any form of sovereignty being accepted by the USA.

However, with sovereignty already moving forward, there may be little the Trump administration can do. Especially with the November election looming over them.

Roe vs. Wade

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