BLM Protestors Stopped from destroying Abraham Lincoln Statue in DC

by Avi Abelow

How Did we Get Here?

You just witnessed a black American man stopping black Lives Matter protestors from destroying a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington D.C, because he knows American history!

The statue was paid for by emancipated black-American slaves, as a thank you to President Lincoln for freeing them! 

And now, the leftist-Marxist ideology of Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about facts. They don’t just want to destroy statues of racist confederates. They also want to destroy the statues of Lincoln, and even statues and pictures of Jesus. The focus is on “destruction” and delegitimizing anything they deem wrong.

How did things progress to this point?

Well, let me jump to a seemingly unrelated event in Israel that is actually very related. 

A 10 year old transgender child was celebrated at an LGBT rally in Jerusalem yesterday where she was asked to speak. Take a look. 

What’s the connection between destruction of statues regardless of facts and celebrating a transgender child, who I have compassion for, considering the confusing identity crisis she is going through, but I would not celebrate? 

Well, at first the left in the US fought for tolerance, diversity, choice. Right? They fought for acceptance and inclusion of gays and lesbians, they progressed to normalization of gay/lesbian families, and gay marriage. After many successes in creating tolerance and acceptance for those issues they they then moved on to fight for inclusion and tolerance of transgenders. Now we are seeing drag queen hour in schools & public libraries, and school curriculums training children that they can choose whatever sex they like because gender is “fluid”. 

At the same time the left has fought for the right of a woman to choose to abort fetuses in a mother’s womb, now even up to full term births!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in loving and respecting every person regardless of race, color, religion, sexual identification etc. And I will not stop another person from identifying or acting any way they want. 

But, at the same time, I believe that there are only two sexes, I believe gay/lesbian relationships/marriages are immoral, I think that teaching children that they can choose their gender/sex is a form of child abuse, that drag queens are NOT role models for children and they should not be allowed to appear before children, and I believe abortion is a per case issue, if a pregnancy needs to be aborted because of a justified reason as deemed by professionals then it’s fine, but if it’s just because a baby is an inconvenience or not wanted, then it is blatantly wrong. I happen to be a religious Jew and much of those opinions stem from my belief in G-d and the moral teachings he gave over to us in the Torah, the Bible.

But, I have no problem if someone disagrees with me. I still respect them and act tolerantly towards them. 

However, the progress of the “progressive” left labels anyone who holds opinions similar to mine a homophone, sexist and all the other catch words they use to discredit, shame and silence people. The left practices a very disrespectful form of bullying and censorship.

What happened to the tolerance of the left? It’s gone? It disappeared. 

The unfortunate truth is that There is no more tolerance on the left. Everything they preached they now go against. The sad truth is that the left only tolerates those who voice opinions they approve of. That is not tolerance!

Which is how they have progressed to destroying statues. Once the left ditched tolerance and instead switched to delegitimizing people for their opinions, then anything they disagree with is worthy of being destroyed, or even physically hurt and abused.

This started in America with the innocent campaigns for tolerance towards gays, lesbians and then transgenders. 

We can’t allow the “progressive” left’s Destruction of the family unit, Destruction of the sanctity of life and the Destruction of tolerance and respect grow in Israel to become the monster it has become in America.

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