Bibi just made all of Israel’s enemies question their next move

by Leah Rosenberg

The Israeli Air Force graduation ceremony is an exciting time. More dedicated and strong soldiers are getting ready to serve Israel. Bibi said it best.

Bibi Speaks to IAF Graduates

When the leader of your country comes to speak to you about defending your country, it is something to remember. And when Bibi came to speak to the future pilots and defenders of Israel in the Israeli Air Force, he made things clear. Israel is strong. Israel is aware. And Israel has plans and strategies to defend itself. The privilege and responsibility to protect Israel is now on the pilots of those entering the IAF.

That is definitely not an easy task for the future Israeli pilots. But they have trained well and are prepared for everything. Having a Jewish state to defend is something that previous generations could only have dreamed of. And now it is the miraculous reality.

Israel’s Enemies Should Wake up

It is quite interesting, if you think about it. Why are Israel’s enemies still trying to destroy the Jewish people and the Jewish state? The Jewish people have persevered for thousands of years. They have survived persecution after persecution, exile after exile. They have survived and continued to live on nothing but faith during the Holocaust and other horrific times.

The Jews are not a new people who can be wiped away. They are an age-old nation who have been carried through the centuries and decades by G-d himself. Israel’s enemies have not succeeded in destroying the Jewish people from the times of Abraham until now. What makes the enemies think they will ever succeed?

Thank G-d, Israel is only getting stronger. Even though Israel’s enemies have expanded beyond the Arab world and into the politically correct world, Israel will still continue to defend itself. They have no choice.

Col. Kemp

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