Democrats don’t care about solutions, and here is the clear proof

by Phil Schneider

There is one thing that unites and drives the Democratic party – to get rid of President Trump. Ben Shapiro breaks it down to the core issue. His argument is absolutely cogent. If there is indeed a major problem of police brutality – a premise which may very well be true – well, the question is why all of the major hot spots where there are police brutality problems are in cities run by Democrats.

The argument that the United States of America is filled with systemic racism is absolutely wrong. To argue that there is racism in America, and for that part – everywhere in the Western world, is perfectly reasonable. But the “system” is actually very good. The United States has gone further than nearly any other country in advancing the civil rights movement. All the way back to the late 1940’s, Harry Truman made some very controversial changes that culminated in the successful civil rights movement of the 1960’s led by Martin Luther King. But Lyndon Johnson also stood up to pressure from Dixiecrats and led the Democratic party to push through the changes that have led to the wonderful status that all minorities have today in the United States of America.

But today, the attack on the greatness of the United States has an upper hand. They may even bring down the Trump presidency. But the larger question is whether the Black Lives Matter “anti-America is great” movement will succeed in actually bringing down the United States via anti-law and order policies like they have instituted in Minneapolis. The Democratic party is now part of the problem. We need a refresh for the leadership coming out of Washington.

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