NFL quarterback understands more about Judaism than most Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

Judaism is not simple. It’s a life-long process to constantly connect with G-d and grow. But some things are simple. And this NFL quarterback gets that.

NFL Quarterback’s Message to Teens

NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins gave an inspiring message to Jewish teens around the world. He was speaking specifically to JSU students, which stands for Jewish Student Union and is a part of the well known Jewish organization NCSY (National Conference of Synagogue Youth).

Cousins, although not Jewish himself, really connects to Jews and Judaism. He thinks it is such a privilege for those who are Jewish. JSU students are not always so connected to Judaism. Kirk Cousins is telling them to stay connected, to seek G-d, and to seek a connection with Jewish spiritual leaders. It is amazing to hear that coming from a football star! If only Jews themselves could view the Bible and their religion the way Cousins does.

Part of a Rich History and People

Being Jewish means being part of something greater than yourself. Being connected to G-d can literally change your entire life for the better. It is something special to be part of a religion that is thousands of years old; of a people that has been chosen by G-d. Kirk Cousins really sees how much good the Jewish people have brought to the world.

Can you imagine if every Jew viewed Judaism the way Kirk Cousins, someone who is NOT Jewish, views it? The Jewish nation would be bigger and stronger. The choice might be difficult, but the outcome is simple.

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