The Media is Lying about Israeli Arab Parties and Israeli Democracy

by Avi Abelow

Everywhere you turn, the headlines in mass media are celebrating the win of the joint Arab list in the Israeli elections. First of all, the first lie, is that two elections ago the joint Arab list also succeeded in achieving 13 seats in Isreal’s parliament, so today’s “achievement” of 13 seats is NOT historic or newsworthy.

The hypocrisy and misunderstanding of these journalists are infuriating.

First of all, they are celebrating that Israel will finally be a democracy with the joint Arab list joining an Israeli coalition government. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the fact that they have the ability to be in Israel’s parliament, and become part of a governing coalition already shows that Israel is a thriving democracy! Why is having this party as part of a coalition a condition for Israel being a democracy? It isn’t! This is a huge lie that much of the mass media is pushing.

In addition, much of the mass media have constantly parroted the lie that Israel is an apartheid state. But how can they report that, if there are Arab Muslims who sit in Israel’s parliament? Just because there is a chance that they might join the coalition, only then Israel will be considered a democracy? That makes no sense whatsoever and exposes the blatant bias of the journalists and publications that publish those lies.

Israel is a thriving democracy where all Arab Muslims, Sunni, Shiite, ex-Muslims, gay Muslims, female Muslims etc. all have equality and freedom. They can serve in Israel’s parliament, they can be judges, policemen/women, lawyers, head Israeli hospitals etc.

While Shiite Muslims are persecuted in Sunni Muslim countries, and Sunni Muslims are persecuted in Shiite Muslim countries, they all have freedom and equality in Israel!

Dangerous Facts Ignored

What’s even more disingenuous is that many of the people on the Joint Arab list openly support terrorists and the destruction of Israel! Why is the media ignoring this critical piece of information? That is the reeal story not being reported!

Election after election, Israel’s High Court of Justice is petitioned to forbid some of these Arab members and parties from running in the elections because of their support for terror and terrorists against Israel, yet the High Court of Justice disregards the facts and allows them to run anyway, going against Israeli law. This is the true story the media ignores.

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