The Great Reset, Putin, and The Fall Of The West

by David Mark

The latest prognosis for the winter in the US is that 25% of the country will suffer some sort of energy blackout. This, coupled with food shortages and skyrocketing inflation are constantly blamed on the war in Ukraine.

Western media has been blaming Russia’s war on Ukraine for all of the West’s ills over the past year. While this sort of propaganda worked in the early days of the invasion, most Westerners have begin to see through the narrative. After all, if energy is the issue, the solution is fairly simple – drill in America to achieve energy independence like Trump did.

So why are there food shortages and an ongoing energy crisis in the West?

Simply put – the Great Reset, which can be explained as a controlled demolition of the Western World. Klaus Schwab and is legions at the World Economic Forum as well as the global elite are actively pushing an agenda that appears set to run America and her allies of a cliff.

While this is occurring the BRICS countries headed by Russia and China appear to be growing in strength. More and more countries have applied to join them and the next big development is a BRICS currenvy.

Whether or not the war in Ukraine was preplanned, it is certainly being used by the Global Elite in order to justify the need to move money out of the West and into BRICS. Putin is merely a scapegoat for a well thought out scheme that is now well under way.

With the wealth being drained from American households and its culture imploding – the USA has very little time left to attempt one last battle to save itself. Unfortunately, it appears unwilling to even do that.

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