Secretary of State Confirms That The CCP Enabled The Spread Of Coronavirus

by Micha Gefen

While the debate is on to determine the exact origin of the coronavirus or COVID-19, what is becoming clear is that the Chinese Communist Party did everything they could to enable the fast spread of the virus.

From jailing investigative journalists to silencing doctors that had dared to ask the obvious questions early on about the virus, the CCP hid the risks to the wider world on the dangers of the coronavirus.

Secretary of State Pompeo has taken the lead in attacking the CCP as an “authoritarian regime.”

President Trump’s administration has done a brilliant job in turning the PR tables on the CCP. Most Americans now believe that the CCP should be held accountable for the spread of the virus. However, their strategy is more than that.

President Trump was seen as going down thanks to the pandemic. However, the full court press against the regime has turned the tide and focused the country and important allies against the appropriate target- the CCP.

Another important pivot was to repeat the word CCP instead of China. This semantically reaffirms the renegade nature of China’s government.

The Administration has taken a calculated move in order to counteract what has been years of giving in to the CCP’s advance. While there may be a lot to disagree with President Trump on, his China policy appears to be right on.

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