You’ll never again question that Israel is G-d’s land

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is G-d’s land. If you want to see why, take a look here. The beauty, the people – everything. What an inspiring video!

Israel is G-d’s Land

Welcome to G-d’s chosen land. These are the Jewish people. This is the holy land of Israel.

It is amazing what has taken place over the course of history: The miracles, the love, the dedication, the innovation. Israel has given so much to the world, especially given its limited natural resources and small numbers.

But of course, the story of the Jewish people in their homeland started way before 1948. It started thousands of years ago. The Jews living in Israel is just a continuation of history.

1948 was a miraculous year that began the return of Jews to their land in larger and larger numbers.

And what is so amazing is that despite the constant threat to Israel’s very existence, Jews from all four corners of the Earth keep coming home. They make the decision to pick up their lives and bring everything to Israel. You can’t really explain it. Who would change their job, move their kids, and come to a country where they don’t know the language? A Jew. Why? Because G-d said to. Israel is the chosen land; Israel is G-d’s land. And the Jews are the chosen people. The bond is unbreakable.

And let’s be honest – after watching this video, who wouldn’t want to come?

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