Nikki Haley did what China hates most

by Leah Rosenberg

Nikki Haley is valuable for America and Israel. She is honest, tough, and very grounded. She gets it. And it is people like her that China can’t stand.

Nikki Haley Calls Out China

China hates being called out for their wrongdoings. But guess what? Nikki Haley doesn’t care. She flat out said what China did wrong and what they do wrong constantly.

As Haley said, the US needs to stand strong. America needs to make it known to China that there will be consequences for their wrongdoings.

China is a communist regime. They are not a democracy. They do not share common values with the US. The New York Times was nervous about “harming relations” with China. That seems absurd. Is The New York Times concerned with the American deaths? And what about all the Americans who are suffering economically because of China?

Haley’s Strong Voice

That’s the thing about Haley – she never minds calling out those who are wrong. She has done it at the United Nations on multiple occasions when she was the US ambassador to the UN. Haley stood up for Israel when no one else would. She slammed the way the UN would condemn and criticize the one democracy in the Middle East while giving a free pass to the terrorists.

It is always refreshing to listen to Nikki Haley speak. In today’s world, so many people are spreading fake news. The media lies. People are brainwashed. But Haley always shares the truth. She represents the strength that leaders of the free world need to have.

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