Endangered species spotted off Israel’s shore

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow, dolphins are beautiful. This endangered species is called the common bottlenose dolphin. And Israel is lucky to have had this species visit its shore!

Endangered species visits Israel

Endangered species have found their way to Israel’s shores before. This is not the first time. But each time is magnificent. It would be amazing anywhere in the world, but for some reason, things are even better in Israel!

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority spotted the common bottlenose dolphin in Southern Israel off the coast of Ashkelon.

Watching this video is calming and relaxing. There is something special about watching the dolphins swim through Israel’s waters. It is as if they know where they are swimming.

Israel is Beautiful

Even the dolphins know how beautiful Israel is!

Israel is an absolutely stunning country. There is something about the scenery, the nature, the mountains, and even just the sand gives Israel a certain feel to it.

But of course Israel is beautiful. It is G-d’s chosen land. Israel is the land flowing with milk and honey.

Israel is only slightly larger than the state of New Jersey. Yet, it is so rich with beauty and nature. Families in Israel go on hikes for fun. They enjoy the outdoors because it is their homeland! Even when just taking a drive around different parts of Israel, you will be blessed to see beautiful mountains and more. And what makes it even better is that there is so much history to this land. It is the land of the Bible!

You may not understand it before visiting. But once you come, it will all make sense.

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