Endangered blue whale makes a rare visit to the waters of Eilat

by Leah Rosenberg

The blue whale is fascinating. Because it’s endangered, many have not seen it. But in Eilat, Israel, some were lucky enough to see the magnificent creature.


Israel is filled with breathtaking nature and beautiful vacation spots. From a regular hike to a stunning view on a mountain, you will not regret visiting.

One of the best vacation spots in Israel is Eilat. The water is beautiful. The nature is beautiful. And there are so many exciting and fun things to do. You can snorkel, visit the Dolphin Reef, visit the Underwater Marine Observatory, hike, or just relax at the beach. It’s only a few hours away from Jerusalem!

Eilat has so much to offer – even a blue whale wanted to check it out!

Blue Whale Visits Eilat

On May 29, 2018, a blue whale made its way to the waters of Eilat. Blue whales are the largest animals. Furthermore, they are endangered, so the mere sighting of one in Eilat is most noteworthy. Those who were lucky enough to witness the miraculous creature might not ever see one again. Because they are not a common animal, seeing one could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. ESPECIALLY seeing one in Israel! It is a good thing that a camera caught a glimpse of the whale as it swam through the waters of Eilat, making a special appearance by the Dolphin Reef and Katza Beach.

God made nature spectacular. And the animals that exist in nature are certainly no less magical. It is important to take the time to realize how amazing it all is. Don’t take nature and its animals for granted.

Because then you might miss seeing a giant blue whale.



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