A 2 minute tour of 10 of Israel’s nature reserves

by Phil Schneider

Touring Israel, almost anyone will be amazed at the variety of landscapes in this small, yet beautiful country.
From the desert down south up to the lush greenery of the North, Israel is one massive wonder.

Famous Tourist Spots in Israel

This Top 10 video is excellent. The best part of the video is the line at the end.  “The wonders of wildlife & nature are all coming together in Israel.”

So many tourists look forward to the holy sites in Israel – from the Western Wall to the Christian sites by the Sea of Galilee.  However, even an atheist who only is interested in nature and couldn’t care less about holiness, would be amazed by Israel.

Hot and Cold in One Day

Israel’s amazing nature reserves are so unique due to their variety and proximity to each other.

Most North American tourists remember driving or flying to go skiing in the winter.  If one was interested in warming up, they would fly to Florida or another warm climate.  When touring Israel, you can literally drive to the Hermon and ski in the morning and sunbathe 3 hours later in the Dead Sea.

This uniqueness is something that all good tour guides point out.  It allows tourists to feel a variety of senses in a short span of time.


The one exception is Eilat.  It takes 3.5-4 hours to travel to Eilat from Jerusalem.  But, it is so worthwhile.  In addition to snorkeling at the coral reef, the underwater observatory marine park is simply astounding.  It is the polar opposite to astronomy.

But, it accomplishes the same goal of opening up the mind to an entire world that one simply doesn’t know exists till seeing it.

Israel is simply a nature reserve filled country with almost limitless options for tourists.




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