The Shabbat music video that is by far one of the most entertaining!

by Phil Schneider

Meilech Kohn is one-of-a-kind. So is his music. How many people would think about making a Sabbath video that includes a garbage collection scene, a graffiti scene and a band playing in a vineyard.

Meilech Kohn’s style is absolutely unique. Both his music and video style surprise the viewer. Perhaps the best part is the end of the video. Meilech’s credits are just pure fun to watch.  One of Kohn’s most famous works of art is his wine-drinking Jerusalem Market rendition of “Yoimum.”  Meilech’s no-frills way of performing endears him to audiences – young and old alike.

Short Bio

His official bio on his website includes the following description: “Meilech spent a while traveling and discovering music of all genres and styles from all over. He lived in Los Angeles for a while as well as in Israel for several years, to name a few. Many of Meilech’s songs were inspired while walking the holy streets of Jerusalem.”

But this quote from his website encapsulates his personality better than any other description:

“I used to sing on Broadway, until they called the police.”

Alternative Jewish Music

Some people call this Hasidic underground music or New-Age music.  This is a rather new phenomenon.  It seems that following the passing of the legendary performer Shlomo Carlebach, many new genres of Jewish music have sprung up.

There most certainly are a plethora of Jewish singers who probably fall under this category.  Some of the most famous are Adi Ran, Sinai Tor, Meilech Kohn, and Chanan Ben-Ari.  None are similar to each other.

They have undoubtedly been impacted by non-Jewish music from singers like Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

What I find quite refreshing is how they artfully mix different genres of music into some kind of unique harmony.


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