The UN appoints world’s worst human rights abusers as leaders of commissions

by Avi Abelow

This video is absolutely shocking! The worst human rights defenders of the world come out looking like saints at the United Nations!

A Dream Dashed

Eleanor Roosevelt helped craft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nations. She hoped that the United Nations would help humanity and she served as a major supporter of the United Nations.

“The UN is our greatest hope for future peace. Alone we cannot keep the peace of the world, but in cooperation with others we have to achieve this much longed-for security.”

“I believed the United Nations to be the one hope for a peaceful world. I knew that my husband had placed great importance on the establishment of this world organization. So I felt a great sense of responsibility.”

I believe she would cry if she saw this video.

Human Rights Offenders Run the Show

Some of the worst human rights offenders in the world run the human rights committees and sessions. The United Nations, and its organizations, committees etc. allow them to get away with their crimes against humanity, and their own citizens. In addition, they come out looking like saints! Just listen to what they say…

Syria and Iran

Syria: “We have a duty to protect the human rights of our compatriots and protect them from massacres.”  This is the same Syria that has been massacring its own civilian population for years!

Iran: “We support multilaterism.”  Of course Iran “supports” multilateralism.  That’s how Iran stops the world from stopping their evil terror around the world. Iran knows that with its oil it can always count on some world nations to prefer their financial/energy needs more than working with other countries to pursue justice and stop Iran from acting as the biggest terror state in the world!

North Korea and Turkey

North Korea: “We are committed to promoting dialogue and cooperation.”  Of course they are. All they want is dialogue so that they can get away with their horrendous human rights abuses against their own civilians.

Turkey: “We will continue to cooperate and maintain a frank dialogue.”  This is another country that oppresses it’s minority population.   They prefer to stick to “dialogue” rather than actually stop their oppressive actions against their own citizens.

For What?

The United Nations is doing the opposite of upholding its founding mission. They appoint human rights abusers as the leaders of UN commissions. Nations who subjugate women sit on the executive boards. How unethical is that? Why is the UN rewarding those who disregard and go against all the aspects of its founding mission?

The purpose of the UN is to protect peace, justice and social progress. However, when the United Nations allows human rights abusing countries like Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc. to run the place and get away with human rights abuses, then the organization is worthless.

May we merit to see the establishment of an organization where only true democracies have a say in international institutions to protect human rights. The current United Nations organization is broken and deathly sick.

Motivation for Terror
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