Frightening Reality of Muslims Murdering in the Name of G-d – Blasphemy

by Avi Abelow

Innocent people are continuously killed in Pakistan because of charges of blasphemy. This isn’t generations ago, this is today. (NOTE: as religious Jews, we do not write out the name of G-d out of respect, not out of disrespect)

What is Blasphemy in Pakistan?

If someone accuses you of placing your feet on a Quran, you will be sent to jail in Pakistan. No proof is needed. As long as an accuser swears on a Quran that someone did a blasphemous act, the accused is sent to jail.

That person then sits in jail for years until he/she has a hearing with the judge. Most cases are then thrown out by the Judge because of lack of evidence. But the person’s life has been ruined.

Sitting in jail for a few years means that a person is disconnected from their family. In addition, in the very Islamic religious society of Pakistan, people are beaten and sometimes killed while in jail.

Sometimes people are even killed by a mob just because they are accused of blasphemy.

Not Always Blasphemy

Put aside the debate whether the crime of blasphemy, with a death sentence, is just.

As you can imagine, since it is so simple to send someone to jail on a blasphemy charge, it is used in many cases where it is totally not relevant.

People with competitors they want to get rid of just make up a blasphemy charge, and that person is then thrown in jail. Business disputes, religious arguments etc…  Anytime someone wants to get rid of a person, all one needs is to run to the police and charge the other person with acting in a blasphemous manner.

Many Christians have had to flee their homes, and communities, because of these charges. Yet, the majority of the blasphemous charges are leveled against fellow Muslims.

Arab Incitement
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