U.S. cuts aid to “Palestinians” unless Palestinian Authority changes policies

by Leah Rosenberg

The United States has been withholding aid to the “Palestinian” Authority (PA). The Taylor Force Act has been passed, and the PA must stop incitement.

PA’s Incitement

The PA has been inciting violence for as long as they have existed. Their goal is not peace for the “Palestinian” people. Their goal is to kill every Jew and destroy the state of Israel. And they want as many of their people as possible to take part in this destructive goal.

If you have ever seen a TV show shown to “Palestinian” children, you will never again question what the PA does to incite violence – because it is so obvious. In fact, there is nothing they don’t do. They even pay the terrorists themselves for committing acts of terrorism, and they pay the families of dead terrorists as well.

Does that sound like a peaceful leadership?

Taylor Force Act

Taylor Force was a hero in the United States Army. When he was in Israel for a school trip with his wife, he was attacked and killed by a “Palestinian” terrorist.

The Taylor Force Act is the United States’ way of saying “no more funding terrorism and no more incitement” to the PA. Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the PA, uses U.S. money to pay terrorists for killing Jews and Americans alike.

Enough is Enough

Until the “Palestinian” Authority stops paying terrorists and their families, the U.S. is seemingly cutting aid. Enough is enough. The United States has laid down the law and set criteria. If the PA wants to continue receiving the money they were receiving beforehand, they must abide by the rules.

A National Security Council (NSC) spokesman gave a warning to Palestinians: “While the Taylor Force Act restricts aid to the Palestinian Authority, with very limited exceptions, the Palestinian Authority has the ability to ease those restrictions by ending the abhorrent policy of inciting violence against Americans and Israelis through payments to terrorists and their families.”

Will this bring us one step closer to peace?

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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