Will your U.S. tax dollars no longer support terrorists?

by Michael Sax

In one despicable attack, an Islamic terrorist killed a West Point grad. Now, the US government is taking a moral stand against terrorism. Taylor Force lived a life of defending freedom, and now that he was killed, we are continuing that mission.

Taylor Force – A Hero

This young man accomplished so much in his mere 28 years. Taylor Force, born in Texas, graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute and from West Point. He decided to defend freedom and stop the terrorists. Taylor joined the army and served as a field artillery officer from 2009-2014 at Fort Hood. Later, Taylor served abroad in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Taylor was in Israel for a school trip with his wife when he was attacked.

The Attack

In March 2016, an Islamic terrorist infiltrated into Tel Aviv and started stabbing people. Among the victims was Taylor Force and a pregnant woman. Police chased the terrorist and shot him dead.

Palestinian Authority Supports Terrorists

After a terrorist commits an attack in Israel, instead of rotting in jail, he gets something much different. The Israeli court system will give him a fair trial, and if found guilty, he will go to prison. But then the Palestinian Authority steps in and pays this monster a lot of money. The PA pays him because he attacked innocent people. In fact, the PA also pays his family. So the PA is supporting and encouraging terrorism. This is a horrific result, in which Islamists kill Americans and Jews, stab babies, drive over Israelis, and they get a big fat paycheck.

The Taylor Force Act

Americans have realized how insane this is and have taken action and proposed a legislative bill. The legislation proposes to stop American economic aid to the Palestinian Authority until the PA stops paying stipends to terrorists.

On August 3, 2017 the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations passed the advancement of the bill. On March 23, 2018, President Donald Trump signed the Act into law.  This is a major step forward towards combating terrorism.

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