Once chanting “Death to Israel,” this Pakistani Muslim is now a proud Zionist

by Michael Sax

Noor Dahri is Muslim. He was raised to be anti-Israeli, and went to marches featuring Hamas and Hezbollah. Yet one day everything changed and he started to see the light. Find out more about his incredible journey here.

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Noor Dahri – backround

Noor’s Muslim upbringing taught him to be anti-Israel. He is a Pakistani Muslim, and no one could have predicted this outcome. What changed everything was the 2014 war in Gaza.

2014 – Hamas members start yet another war

Hamas extremists kidnapped and killed three Jewish teenagers, precipitating the Gaza war. The Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets into Israel. They didn’t aim to fight soldiers, they shot into cities. They targeted helpless families. And Hamas used children and schools to provide cover.

Noor Dahri saw all this, and realized that Israel is morally right and Hamas is wrong. He saw the truth for the first time. Noor finally was able to cut through the lies that he was told to see what is really happening. He also looked into the Koran, which supports Jews living in Israel! Noor now supports Zionism. What is Zionism? Well, Noor explains it as, “The right of the Jewish people to self determination in their ancient homeland.”

Noor and his identity

What’s amazing is that Noor can support Israel, see the truth about Hamas, and still maintain his Muslim identity. Noor knows that Muslims should not fear Zionism. Nor should they fan the flames of extremism.

Noor is a wonderful, bright individual who has succeeded in seeing through the lies. The lies that he was fed in his youth. Let’s hope that Noor’s story reaches other Muslims so that they too can see the truth. Additionally, they will hopefully give up extremist ideology and embrace truth. Great work, Noor Dahri! You’re truly a very inspiring person.

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