Latest Gaza Border Terror Hamas Now Using Kite Bombs to Bomb Israel

by Avi Abelow

This past Friday, Hamas terrorists sent several flying firebombs, using kites, over the Israel-Gaza fence.  Their goal was to set fire to nearby Israeli communities and fields. Instead of using their creativity to help humankind, they make kite bombs to kill and injure innocent Israelis.

These acts of terror, in addition to the mass march on the border fence, are just a distraction from their main goal. The Hamas uses them to conceal the real acts of sabotage they inflict upon the border fence.  Once they breach the border fence, then they plan to commit more serious terror acts.

Their Message is Clear

What is their Goal?

The message on one of these kites, carrying the Nazi flag, leaves no room for doubt as to Hamas’ objective – Israel’s annihilation.

#Gazan terrorists warn Israel that they have to leave ASAP.  And if they don’t? Then they will send their super fabulous kites with Molotov cocktails attached to burn Israel.

During the riots yesterday, a total of approximately 10,000 Palestinians took part. The terror organizations in the Gaza Strip, headed by Hamas, continued to use civilians, including youth and children, to achieve their goals.  Everything they do is a disguise for different terror acts to damage security infrastructures.

IDF Foreign Press Branch

Method to the Madness

The attached photo depicts one of the methods to carry out terror attacks and destroy infrastructure.  Under the guise of the smoke and riots, a squad of terrorist that includes young boys (1) burn the security infrastructure. (2) Another squad waits and (3) pulls the security infrastructure that was ignited with a rope (4) until it is uprooted.  Then they can infiltrate into Israel and carry out terror attacks within Israeli territory.

During the riots, they used burning tires to create smokescreens in order to mask attempts to damage the protective infrastructures.  They hurled rocks at IDF troops and kites with burning items attached to them.   Their goal was to ignite fires that would quickly spread in Israeli territory.

In the morning hours (Friday) the IDF distributed leaflets warning against approaching the fence. However, the terror organizations in the Gaza Strip continue to exploit civilians, including many youth and children.  They simply place their children in unnecessary danger. Yet no world condemnation against that.

The IDF will not allow the security infrastructure to be breached. The army will act in order to fulfill its duty to protect the civilians and sovereignty of the State of Israel.

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