The Truth About Apartheid Revealed

by Avi Abelow

Danny Ayalon is the Founder of “The Truth About Israel”, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, and former Ambassador of Israel to the United States. In this video, he explains why the comparison of Israel to an apartheid state is false. Even more, it insults the real victims of apartheid in South Africa. In addition, Ayalon expands upon the true story that is NOT being reported.  Apartheid today does exist, but it is actually more similar to the discriminatory policies of the Palestinian Authority.

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South Africa

Apartheid was a system of institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination in South Africa between 1948 and 1991.  Under apartheid, blacks in South Africa could not vote. Blacks did not elect or serve as judges.  They did not live or work in white areas unless they attained a pass. Nor could they buy land freely. They even had to go to separate hospitals for blacks in order to get medical treatment. In addition, they used different forms of public transportation, separate beaches, restrooms, schools and academic institutions.  Basically, blacks in South Africa were restricted and discriminated against geographically and excluded culturally.


Let’s see how things are in Israel. All Israeli citizens, whether Jews or Arabs, have an equal vote. Jews and Arabs can elect their representatives into office in Israel – every time.  Not only that, but in fact, the Arabs represent the third largest party in the Israeli parliament. Arabs serve as judges in the Israeli court system. An Arab Judge was the one who threw a Jewish President of Israel into jail for a crime that he committed. They share academic institutions, hospitals, transportation, beaches and all facilities.

Arabs live all over Israel. They have won national beauty contests and reality shows on Israeli TV. They are everywhere on Israel’s national sports teams.

Fredrick Deklerk, the South African leader who won a Nobel Peace prize for ending apartheid in South Africa, said that to compare the apartheid in South Africa to Israel “is odious and unfair.”

Palestinian Authority – Apartheid today

Now let’s take a look at the Palestinian Authority and how they measure up to these standards in regards to Jews.

Voting hasn’t taken place in ten years. They have no Jewish parties or parliament members.

Jews cannot drive anywhere in the Land of Israel.  Jews cannot travel through the Palestinian Authority roads.  Any Jew who does is playing with his life.

Despite previous agreements, Jews who wish to pray in the Jewish holy sites in areas under Palestinian Authority control must be escorted by IDF soldiers for their safety.

Jews can’t buy land and there is a death penalty for any Arab who sells land to Jews.

So, yes, apartheid exists today, but not in Israel. It is alive and well in the Palestinian Authority.

Israel is a beacon of light as far as democracy in the Middle East.  If only more Middle East countries would be more like Israel, then the Middle East would be much safer for the whole world.

Arab Incitement
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