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Early Monday morning Gazan terrorist leaders fired two rockets at Israel. Given the fact that like always Israel responded immediately,[...]
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If only this was the first time Muslim migrants acted destructively. But this is by no means the first time,[...]
A walk through Jerusalem’s marketplace that tourists have been dying to do
Jerusalem's marketplace is one of the top places to visit as a tourist. But since the pandemic, many haven't been[...]
Rep. Swalwell unashamedly compares President Trump to Osama bin Laden
Are you noticing a pattern? Years of calling Trump "Hitler". Recently hearing Joe Biden calling Senators Ted Cruz and Josh[...]
US Military Is Taking Potential “Coup Attempt” Seriously
A massive National Guard troop injection, never before seen in Washington D.C., sees the militarization of the nation's capital with[...]
New footage: Antifa Led the “Coup” of the Capitol Building
The ideological left in the US wants us all to believe that Trump supporters led an "insurrection" at the Capitol.[...]

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