These are the values that are permanently woven into Israeli society

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli values are different than every other country in the Middle East. Maybe they are even different than every other country in the world.

Israeli Culture

There is something so unique about a country that has so much culture. Jews feel at home in Israel. Because of the people, the language, and the culture, everyone can connect to something. A culture that has been around for thousands of years gives something unique and special to the world. Even some of the cultural food has been around for thousands of years! Just walk up and down the streets, and you will feel the rich culture and history.

Admirable Values

In a region where values are lacking, Israel stands strong in its humane and admirable values. People of all different races and faiths are accepted. In Israel, there is justice. There are human rights. And what is so unbelievable is that they spread these values to others outside themselves. Israel is constantly looking to better the world. They are constantly giving and helping other societies grow as well.

Small Country, Big Heart

It is ingrained in the minds of Israelis to search and help others. In the Bible, it talks about the Jewish people being “a light unto the nations.” And that is exactly what they have done. Israel has always had the value of helping others. From inventions and innovations to sending aid to other countries, Israel continues to improve lives all over the world.

Because in Israel, caring only about yourself is not an option. And that is why people love it. Because once you understand what the country is all about, you’ll feel right at home.


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