Netanyahu Drops Bombshell Announcement of Iranian Terror Plot in Europe at July 4th Celebrations

by Avi Abelow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dropped a bombshell announcement tonight about a foiled Iranian terror plot on European soil. Netanyahu was celebrating at the invitation-only July 4th celebration of the US Embassy of Jerusalem.

Iran Blindsided Europe

Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the United States for it’s leadership and everything it has done for Israel. Netanyahu thanked President Trump for moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.  In addition, he also thanked him for tearing up the horrible Iran nuclear deal.

Netanyahu then went on to say that this week, a special group of European countries, the P-4, plan to meet with the Iranian President.  Their goal was to plot to circumvent Trump’s pull-out from the horrible Iran nuclear deal.

Netanyahu then continued, “this same regime (Iran) dispatched a terror cell to carry out a major terrorist action in France.”

But that information wasn’t damning enough. Netanyahu then went on to say that “the commander of this Iranian terror cell was an Iranian diplomat in Austria.”

Iranian Terror Plot

The Iranian terror attack was planned to strike a large conference in France for exiled Iranians opposed to the ruling regime.

An Iranian diplomat was arrested in Germany together with two others suspected of plotting the bomb attack. In France, they arrested three others too. Two Belgian nationals, of Iranian descent, were arrested.  The Belgians had approximately 500 grams of a homemade explosive and an ignition mechanism.

Many prominent Americans and Europeans were in attendance at the targeted conference. President Trump’s lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani addressed the conference. Former House speaker Newt Gingrich addressed them too.

Many former U.S. diplomats and politicians from both sides of the aisle were also in attendance. Former UN ambassador and Democratic governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson also came.

How will Europe Respond?

This Iranian terror plot coincided with the planned meeting of the four European countries.  This included Germany and France, with the Iranian President. They wanted to help Iran and go against the USA walking away from the horrible nuclear deal.

How can they proceed in talks with Iran now that we know about this horrendous Iranian terror plot on European soil?

Will they finally admit that they must join the USA and stop all economic activity with the horrendous terrorist supporting Islamic Republic of Iran? Or will they continue to ignore this reality?  Will they move forward with financial deals that benefit their countries financially instead?

We will see in the days and weeks ahead.

Netanyahu’s Full Speech at the July 4th Celebration of the US Embassy of Jerusalem

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