Trump shames China for what they did to the world

by Phil Schneider

Is China intentionally working to weaken and perhaps even destroy the Western world? The entire tenor of this report and others that are emanating from the White House suggest that China is the new modern-day evil enemy. Attorney General Barr even used the word blitzkrieg. That is not a mistake, but a powerful word that suggests that we need to treat the threats from China like the threats from Nazi Germany in pre-World War II. This should send shivers down the spine of anyone who understands what World War II was really about.

World War II was not the first World War. But it made World War I look like child’s play. It was longer, deadlier in many ways, and changed the world afterwards in ways that extend to today’s day and age. World War II presented a new threat to the world, and therefore it was so difficult to truly grasp how serious it was. Everybody knew that the Nazis were racists and dangerous. But very few realized that they were truly driven to world domination and to the genocidal destruction of world Jewry. Churchill was the exception and not the rule.

Today’s threats from China are different. There are those who want to vilify China and use pre-World War II jargon. They want the Coronavirus pandemic to be the world’s Pearl Harbor. Well, they may be right. Or, they may be overstating the situation. One thing is clear – the world has grown way too accustomed to these three words – Made in China. That brand generally means – cheap, very cheap. An in our consumer-driven world economy, the world has underestimated the global threat that allowing more than 95% of the world’s pharmaceuticals to be produced in China. And that is just one of many examples.

Perhaps the rhetoric on treating China like Germany during the pre-War years is overstated. But the attitude that we need to devalue the words Made in China must begin to take root in our minds. And that will require raising the cost of living and a major investment in Made in the USA brands. Moreover, it will require a worldwide focus on bringing the world’s democracies and pseudo democracies into an economic coalition to fend off the Chinese economic takeover threat.

Lastly, it’s time that we treat the Chinese takeover of the Universities as exactly that a stealthy takeover. This must be gradually stopped even though Universities will fight tooth and nail against this. Is Donald Trump the right person to lead in this battle? Probably yes, because he doesn’t give a….. But Joe Biden certainly is not.

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