CCP Is Fighting A Multi-Dimensional War Against The USA

by David Mark

When fighting a war it is best to know your enemy – how they work, the strategies they employ, and most important where they are fighting. The CCP has been accused of masterfully playing at different levels to harm Western interests.

Watch CCP Funded Former Sen. Attack Trump:

When I was a kid I remember the massive Free Tibet movement organized against the CCP atrocities and occupation of Tibet. I also still remember watching the Tienanmen Square protests in 1989. Surprisingly, both of these and many more egregious human rights violations have been continuously swept under the table in relation to the CCP’s brutal control over their population and those populations they occupy.

So how is this possible? How is that the millions that mobilized for a Free Tibet suddenly disappeared?

Take Over The Media And You Control Game

The CCP regime in China has spent the better part of the last 25 years embedding itself in corporations and newsrooms throughout the West. Some of this is simply about buying into boardrooms as a stake holder and others it’s about working over time in using ancient Chinese culture to wow visitors and diplomats. After all, if you think you are interacting with an ancient civilization in its modern form – why attack it?

This has taken its toll on the American policy in regards to Chinese expansion and more specifically in dealing with the CCP’s disinformation campaign in regards to the pandemic. Buying into the CCP victim card essentially ignores the real victims. Ask the many Tibetans how they feel about the regime in Beijing. It will certainly not be in the same glowing terms that many in the Western media and some of their lackeys in the corporate and political circles have treated them.

Escalation Between China and USA Heating Up

Regardless of President Trump’s other policies, he has called out CCP controlled China for good reason. Those politicians, media personalities, and corporate tyrants who claim Trump is just being racist against Chinese people are either willfully playing for the other team or ignorantly jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon no matter the cost.

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