Netanyahu’s strong stance on open borders and migrants

by Leah Rosenberg

“Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration.”  These are the words of the Global Agreement for free immigration and open borders between countries.  It sounds so harmless.  As if, the only issue at hand is whether or not people can get through airport security quickly.  As if, the whole issue is a matter of less than 30 minutes or more than an hour at the airport.

In truth, safe and orderly migration are words that hide the true nature of what is truly going on in the world today.  There are hundreds of thousands of migrants – most of whom are not refugees – who would like to get to Europe, North America, or Israel.  That is because in these places, there are all kinds of financial incentives for whomever gets in.  For example, free and excellent healthcare, or even monthly financial stipends in some countries.  The issue is that many – if not most – of these migrants, have no intention of assimilating into the countries they enter.

Once They Get In…

Now, every American knows, once migrants are in, it’s close to impossible to get them out.

On the other hand, there are basic humanitarian situations that do require every reasonable country to do their part.  There are thousands of families who are literally running for their lives.  Those are the true families in need.  This probably applies to no more than 5% of the people looking to move.  The vast majority of the people are grown men, not whole families.  There is probably no more dangerous group for any country to let in wholesale than single grown men.  They present a clear danger to women in their new countries.  And as a whole, they generally do not look to join their new country on a cultural level.

True Risk of Open Borders

It needs to be said in a clear manner.  To allow free unbridled immigration is to bring in human time bombs into one’s midst. To allow genuine refugees into one’s country is a high level ideal of the first order.

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