People should worry when this woman is asked to speak in the British Parliament

by Leah Rosenberg

London has been subject to much antisemitism. And now an anti-Israel Jordanian member of Parliament has been asked to speak in the British Parliament.

The British Parliament and their Choices

The British Parliament should be denouncing antisemitism and anti-Israel rhetoric. Despite being an ally of the Jewish state, they do not. Why have they invited Dima Tahboub, a Jordanian MP to speak? She is not a friend of Israel. She does not have something positive to say about the Jewish state. So what is the British Parliament doing by asking her to speak? What statement are they making?

Dima Tahboub’s Comments

The Jordanian MP said, “We see the Israelis as aggressors.” She refers to the “Palestinians” as “freedom fighters.” She believes in using “force” against Israelis. Tahboub celebrates when “Palestinians” kill Israelis.

She shares a false view of Israel with anyone who will listen.

How can the British Parliament ask someone like this to speak in their government when they are supposed to be allies with Israel?

The Raging British Antisemitism

Sadly, there has been more antisemitism in the British Parliament than the word would like to admit. And indeed, much of that antisemitism can be attributed to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. It is 2018. It is not 1939 Germany. Why is this type of antisemitism in a Western government still existing? Moreover, why is England normalizing it? People like Jeremy Corbyn should not be leading any party of the British government.

Something has got to change. And asking a woman like Dima Tahboub to speak in the parliament was definitely not a step in the right direction.


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