Here is what you need to know about the case for Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is the JEWISH capital. And anyone who has claims against that should really start looking at the facts.

The Case for Jerusalem

It is not hard to make the case for Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people. There is proof in every area: Biblical, historical, archaeological, even legally, if you want to go that route. The problem is that no one cares about facts and truth when it comes to Israel. People ignore all relevant information if it goes against their lies.

They ignore God.

They ignore history.

People even ignore tangible physical proof of the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

King David probably never imagined that anyone would deny what he proclaimed as the capital of Israel thousands of years ago.

It does seem ridiculous, does it not?

But there are some who want to stand up and share the truth about the history of Israel’s capital.

Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow is one of President Trump’s attorneys. He also is the Chief Counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice.

Sekelow loves and defends Israel. He wrote a book called Jerusalem: A Biblical and Historical Case for the Jewish Capital.

He presents Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people as a legal case. It is something unique.

Listen to what he says. Read his book. Hear what some are inaccurately denying. Because right now, in a world where so many are denying history and facts, it is more crucial than ever to spread the truth.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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