These Are The Frontlines Of Redeeming Jerusalem

by Micha Gefen

Most people believe that the four quarters of Jerusalem’s Old City are sacrosanct, but their existence is barely 100 years old – solidified after the British conquest of the Holy Land. Before the pogroms of the 1920s and 1930s, Jews made up a majority of the Old City and lived throughout it in each of today’s four quarters.

With Jerusalem Day approaching, one organization stands on the frontlines of Land Redemption in the Holy City, ensuring that Jewish property stolen from Jews during the Arab pogroms of 100 years ago is returned to Jewish hands.

Ateret Cohanim has worked relentlessly for 40 years in purchasing property in the hands of Arabs in the heart of the Old City and restoring real Jewish sovereignty through the Old City and the surrounding areas.

There was a time when Jews were afraid to walk the streets of the Muslim Quarter. Today there are over 1,000 Jews living throughout what was once a thriving Jewish neighborhood.

Today, thanks to Ateret Cohanim Jews are living in all four quarters of Jerusalem’s Old City and 22 families are living in the Old Yemenite Village just outside the Old City Walls.

With Jerusalem Day approaching click here to support Ateret Cohanim’s work and stand with them on the frontlines of Redemption.

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