Biden is Done After This Video Went Public

by Phil Schneider

What is amazing about the 2024 election is that so little talk about an election – that is coming in little more than a year – is centered around potential Democrats to replace Joe Biden at the head of the ticket. That is simply staggering. Nearly everybody on the right and center does not see Joe Biden as a feasible candidate. So, why is so little attention centered around Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, and anyone else that may be in the running? There is an answer.

The Democrat Party strategists are playing it smart. They know that Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, or any other potential candidate, has significant weak points. Laying low over the next few months is to their advantage. Once the Rewpublican primaries start going, the Republican Party hopefuls will probably start wacking each other left and right. If Donald Trump is still able to withstand the legal barrage thrown against him, he will probably win the primary. But he will be weakened from the battle, much as Hillary was weakened by Bernie Sanders in their bruising primary.

The longer the Democrats hold out, the easier it will be for them to parachute in Kamala Harris, Newsom or an outsider candidate that will be drafted – in the last minute – by Joe Biden himself. There are so many people who control Joe Biden’s destiny who can easily decide when and if Joe decides to not run for reelections. There is Barack Obama, Jill, Joe’s doctors, and any donor who has had enough watching what has properly been labelled as “elder abuse.”

The new Democrat candidate will be spared the struggle of going through a grueling primary, and will “steal the show” from a bruised Donald Trump and coast to election as a unifier. Donald Trump is a strong candidate in the Republican primaries, but a weak candidate in the general election. The Democrat strategists have a good strategy. The Republicans must prepare to combat it.

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