The Disturbing Truth: Biden Armed the Taliban While Disarming Americans

by Phil Schneider

The right to bear arms is often considered in today’s day and age as something that a few right wing lunatics are happy about. That could not be further from the truth. The right to bear arms is in the Constitution in order to insure that the United States does not descend from a democratic Republic into a tyrannical system.

Weapons are very important to defend a country against aggression from the outside. But it is also important to defend private citizens from aggression from their own government. This is not just something that was true in Nazi Germany. It is true in other totalitarian societies. In Communist Russia, it was illegal for a person to bear arms. Today’s challenge is against the inclination of so many in power to establish a totalitarian-oriented central government that dictates the lives of the masses and redistributes money as it sees fit. This socialist idea is what Bernie Sanders, The Squad, and other radicals are pontificating. They mean it. And they are in power with a puppet President that is largely being goaded along by Barack Obama and his staff. It is essentially a 3rd term of the Obama presidency, but with a gentle old man seemingly at the helm.

The only hope for the United States is to have a major landslide in 2022 and to kick out many of the radical Congressmen and Congresswomen that are threatening the freedoms of the masses. The Taliban is fiasco happened in broad daylight and should serve as a major warning of future horrible decisions. But the efforts to keep hand guns out of the masses is even more disturbing. Just say no. Tucker is right.

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