Jeremy Corbyn dishonors memory of Anne Frank and welcomes antisemite into Parliament

by Leah Rosenberg

Jeremy Corbyn has turned the Labour Party into something despicable. But now he even dishonored the memory of Anne Frank who perished in Nazi hell.

Quoting Anne Frank

In theory, it is a beautiful thing for someone to quote Anne Frank and learn lessons from her life. But when that person is Jeremy Corbyn, and he cites her writings right before welcoming a Jew-hater like Lisa Forbes into the Labour Party, then it is disgraceful. Forbes liked a Facebook post saying that Theresa May had a “Zionist Slave Masters agenda.” Additionally, Lisa Forbes commented on a post that restated the conspiracy theory that the Mossad and CIA are behind ISIS and said “I have enjoyed reading this thread so much.”

You can get a glimpse as to what type of person Forbes is. By happily inviting her into Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn spat on the memory of one of the most well known Holocaust victims. He should be ashamed of himself. Although we know the Labour leader is an antisemite, it does not make what he did any less disturbing.

Condemning Antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn just does not get it. He does not condemn antisemitism, he represents it. He continuously does and says things that are just so repulsive it makes you wonder how he is in the British Parliament. Members of the Labour Party have even left their own party because of the horrific group it has become. And Corbyn does not care.

It seems that each day brings something else ridiculous having to do Jeremy Corbyn. And things seriously need to change. The question is, will they?

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